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The Vision

We forgot about it.  But here I am - humbly devoted to help us remember. 
We come from light & we return through sound - high frequencies sounds. 

Music has the power to elevate our consciousness.  It expands love within us & outside of us. 
It is not easy - but easy paths have never called our higher selves.  Revolution, awakening, or enlightenment do not happen in passive behavior. 

United by a strong intention and guided by visionary action, we will make history together.

We are not the only ones.  Together we raise the frequencies.  We have everything we need. 

My vision is your vision.  No flag or territory or name will define us. 
Because we are, by nature, limitless.

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Music Rituals

Electronic Set

Pure evocative music filled with high frequencies elements.  A set beyond ethnicity, territories, and genres.  The ideal celebration for a powerful dance journey.  An accessible spiritual message to everyone.


Electronic Ritual

Interactive ritual with no talking, no phones, and no judgments.  Powered by sacred space, profound musicality, and a transformative journey.  An individual yet collective blissful journey towards Oneness.


Electantrik Ritual

Sacred sensuality music ritual.  An intimate trans-personal journey to rewrite love’s story within our bodies, minds, and souls.  The new spirituality in a
full dose for seekers and music lovers.

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Awakened Dreamers

Presented At


Burning Man



The Gardens of Babylon



Hedoné Seminar



Nowhere Festival


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The Source



Bali Spirit Festival



Epizode Festival



Osho Tantra Festival


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My Biography

Afro Jewish Brazilian roots.  Avid multifaceted dreamer.  I first awakened when twenty years old: to lead a social empowerment company.  Two years later, five different home countries and over thirty traveled, another awakening I found my deeper self experience diverse rituals all around the world.

Through music, I discovered ancient wisdom, diverse cultures, and exquisite communities all over the planet.  I move to Silicon Valley to expand Smule, our Karaoke app, for over fifty million users worldwide.  To me, it doesn’t matter if in my yoga mat, on the dance floor, or singing in the app - music is the answer.  

Especially at Burning Man, my ultimate ritual for five sequential years.  Since this start, my nomad life has become fully driven by my soul calling - the electronic rituals.  Always powered by my yoga teachings, shamanic rituals, and tantra practices.  Already over fifty powerful festivals and hundreds of ceremonies as a co-creator for a new world paradigm.  

In the meantime, I founded the pioneer silent dance floor movement in Brazil - the biggest one in South America to date.  Natural requests to host these rituals emerged everywhere.  Ritual Frequencies' birth is its answer: ethnic electronic music, global contemporary spirituality, and visionary interactive art - in One.

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Yours Stories


"Ritual Frequencies is a pure alchemist that creates a space where music and intentions meet in upward spirals"

Gustav Ericksson,
Founder of Ibiza
Love Festival


"My friends and I cried after Ritual Frequencies' meditation. It was the best sunset with the best music of the 11 days festival"

Park Minkyu,
Founder of The
Air House Korea


"RF delivered magical moments. One of the highlights of the 11 days festival. You could feel the love and harmony."

Roy Fridman,
CEO at Music Tel-Aviv,
General Manager Epizode

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Together, let’s serve the world with music, dance, and love.

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